Women Innovation Circles April 2018

The Phosboucraa Foundation Supports Women of the Southern Regions
As part of its strategy to establish drivers for sustainable development in the Southern regions, the Phosboucraa Foundation (PBF), through its Laayoune Learning Center training platform, has implemented a program reserved for women called the Women Innovation Circles.

Women: An exceptional program reserved exclusively for women
The Women Innovation Circles program is part of a pilot project that the PBF initiated in 2016.  It aims to integrate women into their societal environments by developing soft, interpersonal, managerial, and technical skills, which helps them to better manage their family responsibilities. The program also focuses on using resources and digital technology in order to open these women up to their external environments even further. Finally, it aims to educate them on the principles of citizenship and public management. The participation of 70 women in the entrepreneurship competition held during the program is one of the operational objectives that was achieved. The program also aimed to provide 300 women with the mobile app developed during the events. The YouTube channel promoted by the initiative had an average of 200 views per video, and no less than 50 women used the e-learning platform. 
Intensive and tailored training 
The Women Innovation Circles include 245 hours of training over 30 weeks with 17 beneficiaries per group on average, for a total of 100 motivated and determined women. 
The workshops are held in the afternoons three times per week. The workshops never exceed three hours in order to take into consideration the participants’ often hectic schedules and numerous commitments. The workshops are interactive and PowerPoints are deliberately avoided. By the end of the training, participants will have developed an array of digital skills. 
In pedagogical terms, the modules fall into four main categories associated with the types of skills targeted. Initially, 86 hours are dedicated to personal skills, from self-knowledge to organizational techniques to personal resource management. Then, 96 hours are devoted to digital skills with a particular focus on digital learning tools. The training also includes 45 hours on societal skills, such as foundations of the constitution, knowledge of civic and social obligations, etc. 
This program truly addresses the real needs of women in the South and provides them with crucial skills to support them on their path to personal growth and success.