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The use of the site entails the user’s automatic and irrevocable compliance with the conditions of use, terms and warning references present on the Site (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") by the Internet user (hereinafter "User" or "Users "). The term "Use" indiscriminately implies site consultation, search or download of material. The terms "PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  ", "Editor", "PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION " or "We" are used to designate PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION ., its affiliates.

PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation . reserves the right to modify and update the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site at any time, as well as the Terms of Use.  

Modifications to the Terms of Use will be marked by a dated and referenced version. The newest version will be available on the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site. Any changes made will be effective upon publication to the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site. When a user accesses the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site following the posting of any changes, he/she is in  acceptance of those changes. Any changes and updates are binding of the user whom must therefore regularly refer to this section of the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site to check for the most current version.

Access to the Site is free, excluding the amounts charged by Internet providers and the cost of telephone calls billed directly by phone companies.

Limitations of responsibility

The User understands and agrees that he is using the Site at his own risk. The Site is provided “as is,” and to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Information, presentations, documents, information (hereinafter "Information") available on the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site are offered to you in good faith, for informational purposes only and without warranty of any kind, as errors and omissions may arise. This Information cannot therefore incur the responsibility of PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION . Information can be changed or updated without notice.

Any use of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION Site is the user’s sole responsibility. In no case shall PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION. and its subcontractors guarantee the completeness and accuracy of such available information, nor are they liable for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind (such as, but not limited to, damages caused by business interruption, loss of data or any monetary/economic loss) derived from or related to (i) the use or execution of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Web Site and its online services, (ii) the delay or unavailability of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Web Site, (iii) the provision or non-provision of the Services provided, including any information within the charts/graphs contained or published on or through the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Web Site, (iv) the timeliness of the content, (v) the alteration or modification of the content in whole or in part after its inclusion on the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Web Site; (vi) including the User's Information System.

Information is provided under the condition that the User or any other person receiving it would be able to determine its interest for a specific objective before using it. In no case shall PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION . be held liable for any damages that may result from the credit attached to Information provided on the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION Site. The Information cannot be considered as recommendations for the use of any information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations that may be contrary to a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark.

PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION . declines any express or implicit liability, if the use of this Information was to infringe a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark. PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION . refuses any interpretation that would try to relate the contents of its site to take-over bids or incentives, to acquire shares or other movables, whether or not quoted, of the site editors, of any of its direct or indirect branch offices or of its subsidiaries. No express or implicit guarantee is given with respect to the market nature of the supplied information nor with respect to the adequacy thereof for a specific purpose, as well as with respect to the products or services that are referred to in this Information.

Regarding simulations that may have been performed, or may be available on the Site, PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION . reminds users that they have no legal value. These simulations are carried out based on information the users have filled in the sections, and are provided for informative purposes only.

PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation, does not warrant the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site to operate continuously nor that the servers which provide access and/or third party sites linked to the PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation Site with a hyperlink do not contain viruses. In addition, PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation shall not in any way be held liable for the loss or damage of the User's data.

PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation makes every effort to check the Site from any viruses. However, User must take his own precautions to ensure that the process he employs for accessing this Site does not expose him to the risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference, which may damage his own computer system.
We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to User’s data or his  computer system which may occur whilst using material derived from this website.

Obligation of the Users
Users of the Site are bound by the provisions of Law No. 09-08 of February 18, 2009 on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data.
They must refrain from collecting, improperly soliciting, misrepresenting or using the information they access and, in general, any act likely to infringe on the privacy of individuals, and in general any act that may affect the normal use of the Site with respects of the provisions of the Moroccan criminal code especially its article 607-3 and following.

  • Delete or alter any material posted by any other person or entity;
  • Harass, incite harassment or advocate harassment of any member of the Phosboucraa Foundation and its others programs;
  • Send unsolicited mail or make unsolicited phone calls or send unsolicited faxes promoting and/or advertising products or services to any other User. Contact any Users that have specifically requested not to be contacted by services provider;
  • Attempt to interfere with service to any User, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the present website, overloading, "flooding", "spamming", "mailbombing" or "crashing";
  • Promote or endorse an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's copyrighted work, such by as providing or making available pirated computer programs or links to them, providing or making available information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing or making available pirated music or other media or links to pirated music or other media files;
  • The User shall not use any robot, spider, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor or copy any pages within this Site or the Contents without Phosbourcraa Foundation prior written permission;
  • The User shall not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this Site; and
  • take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Site.
  • Violations of system or network security may result in civil and/or criminal liability. Phosbourcraa Foundation will investigate occurrences, which may involve such violations and may start proceedings against Users who are involved in such violations;

Protection of personal data

Phosboucraa Foundation qualifies "Personal data" as any information disclosed by a User  to the Site, whatever the nature, such as names, e-mails and passwords, whether they are provided voluntarily or collected while browsing on the Site.

Personal data collected by Phosbourcraa Foundation is used exclusively by Phosbourcraa Foundation 's Communications Department to allow the User to enjoy the Site's services. Any personal data the User is required to submit to Phosboucraa Foundation is subject to the provisions of the Law 09-08 of February 18, 2009 on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data.

No User information is transferred to third parties or used for unauthorized purposes.

Users expressly consent to the collect and the processing of their personal data by Phosbourcraa Foundation for managing the website, for recruitments and publication purposes.

The information collected and processed are kept for the necessary duration to achieve the purpose of the data collection and processing.

In accordance with Law No. 09-08, a User of the Site has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any personal data that Phosboucraa Foundation may collect, by contacting the Foundation at any time online through the Site's Contact or by writing to the attention of Phosbourcraa Foundation to the following address:

[37 rue El Jadida, Avenue de la Mecque – Laâyoune Morocco ]
or : [email protected]

For any additional information about Phosboucraa Foundation and the website’s content, please contact us at: [[email protected]]


The personal information collected (e.g. name, address, phone, email) which are collected through the registration form complies with the provisions of the law No.09-08. The forms state the rights of the parties to access modify and oppose for legitimate reasons to the processing of their personal data.

Intellectual Property

Phosboucraa Foundation owns all domains names related to “PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION ” and “PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION”.

The Site as a whole, and its elements are creative works protected by applicable law including intellectual property.

All data (texts, structure, software, animations, photographs, illustrations, drawings, graphics, logos, sounds, images ), information and databases on the pages of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site are the exclusive property of PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION. Any reproduction, representation or distribution in whole or part of the content and any extraction even partial of the databases on the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site onto any medium or by any means whatsoever is prohibited. Failure to comply with this injunction constitutes an infringement and may result in civil and criminal penalties for the User(s) involved.

Unless otherwise noted, Foundation names, logos, products and brands mentioned on the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION site (® and ™ products) are trademarks of Phosboucraa Foundation. Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos in any capacity whatsoever, including for advertisement purposes, without the prior written consent of the trademark holder is prohibited under the provisions Articles 154 and 155 of Law No. 17-97 of February 15, 2000 on the Protection of Industrial Property (as amended and supplemented by Law No. 31-05).

The site's general structure and templates and the information, icons, photographs, images, text, video clips, with sound or silent, and other documents composing the Phosboucraa Foundation  Site or available on this Site are subject to the laws protecting intellectual property and are the property of Phosboucraa Foundation . or of the third parties that have authorized Phosboucraa Foundation. and its potential suppliers, subcontractors, partners and/or affiliates involved in the operation of the Site, to use it.

As such, any reproduction, adaptation, translation and/or conversion, total or partial, of the Phosboucraa Foundation  Site or one or more of its components, by any means whatsoever (including by transfer to another site) without prior written permission of Phosboucraa Foundation, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by law No. 17-97, which may consequently engage the civil and/or criminal liability of the author. No license or right other than to browse the Phosboucraa Foundation  Site is granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights


Users are hereby notified that during their visits to the Phosboucraa Foundation Site, a navigation monitoring mechanism may be implemented. Users have a right to access, delete and modify any personal data collected through these tracing techniques. Browsing on the Phosboucraa Foundation Site results in the creation of a session cookie (hereafter referred to as "Cookie(s)" that records various information about the navigation within the Phosboucraa Foundation Site (pages visited, date and time of visit, etc.), which the system may "read" for subsequent visits.

During a visit to the Phosboucraa Foundation site, the viewing of pages results in the creation of a Session cookie automatically downloaded on the User's computer. Cookies are small files containing text, which allow a server to recognize a computer and to therefore know whether the computer and/or User has previously been on the web site. If the computer reconnects to the Site, it will seek and use these cookies left on the hard disk during the user’s previous visit.

Cookies cannot help identify a user, but only the computer used for those purposes. Cookies merely record the parts of the site that the computer has visited and the time spent on it. The User is free to oppose to the registration of cookies by configuring their browser as described below, however, by refusing cookies, it will be impossible to provide specific personalized services and this may slow down or prevent the access to certain areas of the Phosboucraa Foundation Site.
The User is informed that during their visit to the site, a cookie may be automatically installed on their browser and be temporarily stored on the User's computer hard drive.
Phosboucraa Foundation. uses this information for purposes of optimizing the Site's security and to provide optimal service.

Thus, cookies are used to :

  • Record information about the user's navigation trends on the Site to guide them to the most suitable content;
  • Assess the number of visits.
    • Cookies in no way are used on the Phosboucraa Foundation Site to collect personally identifiable information about the users browsing the Phosboucraa Foundation Site.
    • The User acknowledges having been informed of this practice and provides authorization to Phosboucraa Foundation.
    • Users may disable cookies through their browser's settings, by changing the options (Menu "Edit / Preferences" in Netscape Navigator 6.2, Section "Tools / Internet Options" in Internet Explorer, Menu "Tools / Options "in Mozilla Firefox and Menu "Safari / Security" in Apple Safari).

Protection of personal data

Phosboucraa Foundation Privacy Policy explain how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you agree that Phosboucraa Foundation can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the present Terms and Conditions.

Hypertext Links

PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION formally declines any liability with respect to the content of the site to which links are provided. These links are proposed to the users of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION site by way of service. It is exclusively up to the users of the site to decide whether or not to activate such links.

PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION is not the editor of these sites and cannot fully control their content. As a result, PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION can in no way be held liable for the content provided on such sites, regarding their truthfulness, timeliness, quality, completeness, relevance, illegality, advertising, products, services or other materials available on or from these sites or from external sources.

PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION can in the same way not be held liable for any collection and transmission of personal data, installation of cookies or any other procedure for the same purpose, made by these sites.

Confidentiality and integrity of information cannot be guaranteed on the Internet. Therefore, messages electronically sent by the User can be intercepted and/or modified. PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION can in no way be held liable for this.

Users of the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site may under no circumstance set a hypertext link to the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Site. If you wish to create a hypertext link for this site, you will need prior authorization in writing from PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION. For this purpose, Users can send their request to the Site Administrator at the following address: 37 rue El Jadida, Avenue de la Mecque – Laâyoune Morocco


These terms governs the relationship between PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  and the users, they do not create any third party beneficiary rights.

If the users do not comply with these terms and they do not take action immediately, it does not mean that PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  is giving up its rights to take any action in the future.

If it turns out that a particular term is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
These Terms of Use and the PHOSBOUCRAA FOUNDATION  Website “ www.phosboucraafoundation.org” will be governed and interpreted by Moroccan law.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation, validity, enforcement of the Terms of Use should first undergo resolution through arbitration. Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the Terms of Use will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the courts of Casablanca (Morocco).