Technopole Foum El Oued

Phosboucraa Foundation is steering a major development project: the Foum El Oued Technopole. A knowledge city covering 600 ha, it is being built 18 km from Laayoune, requiring an investment of 2 billion DH. The Technopole, as much in its conception as its vocation, integrates the territorial specificities of the Region and of sub-Saharan countries. During construction, this project will take 1.8 million man-days and  create 1,200 permanent jobs.

The Technopole will include:

  • An academic and research center focusing on topics related to the Saharan environment.
  • A support center for the economic development of the Southern Regions (business incubator, business center, etc.).
  • A cultural center (museum, commercial and artisan village, etc.).and social and environmental infrastructure (health, recreation, and preservation of the Foum El Oued coast, hotels).

This project reflects the Phosboucraa Foundation's desire to contribute to the sustainable development of the Southern Regions and the well-being of local populations. It aims to:

  • Boost socio-economic development
  • Stimulate the local economy by co-building with local partners, encouraging investment and creating jobs
  • Promote the protection and enhancement of local heritage, culture and the emergence of eco-tourism.