Phosboucraa Foundation launches «L’Formation MenDarek» to ensure continuity of serving its beneficiaries even during Lockdown March 2020

The Phosboucraa Foundation launched "L’Formation Mendarek", a distance learning platform that allows its Learning Centers beneficiaries to continue their trainings despite lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
After lockdown announcement, The Phosboucraa Foundation closed temporarily its Learning Centers to protect its beneficiaries and their families from any risk of contamination. This preventive measure urged the Foundation to mobilize all its team in order to quickly set up an alternative to continue serving its beneficiaries even during the pandemic. Thanks to "L’Formation MenDarek", all beneficiaries of the Learning Centers in Laayoune and Dakhla can, from their home, access all the training modules in which they are registered.

The platform offers different course units identical to what is given face-to-face in the centers, in various and interactive formats: written courses, videos, interactive exercises, and even up to 7 seminars and simultaneous live courses.

The monitoring and evaluation of beneficiaries, a critical point in distance training, have also been taken into consideration. The centers’ team is mobilized to provide the necessary follow-up and support to the beneficiaries of “L’Formation MenDarek" platform. Assisted by an IT technical support team, the pedagogical team closely monitors the progress of each beneficiary at different stages of their courses. 

They are now 386 young people, enrolled this year in the centers, who are benefiting from “L’Formation MenDarek". And to make access granted to all, the Centers provided tablets and internet connection devices to 30 beneficiaries to use from home.

Note that beyond preventing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of the “L’formation Mendark” platform marks a new stage: the digital acceleration of the Foundation’s services and those of its Learning Centers.