Phosboucraa Foundation: HSE Training Program Launched for the Southern Business Ecosystem December 2018

The Phosboucraa Foundation, in partnership with JESA, has just launched a training program on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) for all building and public works companies and contractors in the Southern regions.

The program was launched on Monday, December 24 at the Phosboucraa Foundation’s training platform, the Laayoune Learning Center, with an initial series of trainings on occupational health and safety.  The first training, dealing with first aid in the workplace, will be held in two sessions of two days each, for a maximum of ten people in order to facilitate theoretical, and, especially, practical learning.

Open to all regional companies that have shown interest in participating, this training program is a testament to the Phosboucraa Foundation’s desire to include the entire local business ecosystem in the urban and regional development effort.
Wedoo News: Phosboucraa Foundation: HSE Training Program Launched for the Southern Business Ecosystem

Relying on the expertise of its partner JESA, an international powerhouse, the Phosboucraa Foundation provides various contributors in the local business ecosystem with the opportunity to comply with international HSE standards and consolidate their expertise, both keys to success and performance.

At the end of the first training session on Thursday, December 27, representatives of regional building and public works companies, including team leaders and worksite operators, will receive their Workplace First Aider certification from JESA. They will then know basic prevention principles and be able to identify and reduce risks, examine victims, alert emergency services, and assist victims until specialists take over. This particular training plays a pivotal role in the training program developed by the Phosboucraa Foundation, which will strive to disseminate a comprehensive series of standards.

Phosboucraa Foundation: HSE Training Program