The Phosboucraa Foundation challenges COVID-19 Lockdown by launching a Webinar on HQE ™ Aménagement April 2020

Even during lockdown, the Phosboucraa Foundation continues to maintain its services on behalf of its beneficiaries and partners. Hence, from 15th to 30 th of April, the Foundation is organizing several sessions of a Web Conference around HQE TM Aménagement process to highlight as usual the necessity of the human and environmental dimension in any territorial development approach.

Presented by Annie Loisy, HQE Urban Planning Referee from Alto Eko, the Web Conference aims to introduce participants to the HQE TM process, a tool for managing and promoting sustainable development projects. The intent behind the initiative is to continue to offer architects and urban planning professionals from both public and private sectors, particularly in the southern regions of Morocco, the opportunity to deepen their thinking and open the debate about technical and environmental performance indicators linked to the management of urban projects, at the scale of the territory, the city, and housing. By bringing the various stakeholders in the southern regions of Morocco understand this approach will help to leverage quality standards among local urban planning actors.

As reminder, the Phosboucraa Foundation is itself involved in the process of sustainability and high environmental quality, through the HQE TM Aménagemet Certification. Its major urban development project, the Foum El Oued Technopole, is today the first African City of Knowledge, certified HQE Aménagement since September 2019. A certification that makes this project part of the 60 projects certified HQE Aménagement in the world, including 5 projects in Morocco.

To make this quality process accessible to her partners, the Phosboucraa Foundation starts with the first web conference session on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 involving all the major key players of urban planning in the Southern regions. The following sessions plan to include Technical partners of the Foum El Oued Technopole, local architects, as well as OCP Group collegue.

In fine, more than 100 participants took part to this webinar, the majority of which is involved in the territorial planning of the southern regions and in particular the Technopole Foum El Oued project.


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