Phosboucraa Foundation: Cancer Screening Campaign in Dakhla and Aousserd September 2018


After being held in Laayoune and Boujdour in June 2018, the breast and uterine cancer screening campaign launched by the Phosboucraa Foundation will move on to the provinces of Dakhla and Boujdour from September 24 to October 3.

This campaign, which mobilizes a highly specialized medical team to screen 3,000 women, is supported by the Ministry of Health, the Regional Health Directorate of Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, the Moroccan Association for Public and Environmental Health (AMSPEV), and the Lalla Salma Foundation.

Awareness, observation, and diagnosis

Diagnosed patients are then referred to the nearest oncology centers, if necessary. The campaign’s goal is to screen 2,050 women aged 40 to 69 for breast cancer and 1,370 women aged 30 to 49 for cervical cancer.

This outreach initiative is a complement to a skills development program for local medical teams. The campaign begins with two days of training for 25 health care providers on various screening techniques.

Cancer research

For the first time, the Foundation is planning to launch a research study to identify the infection causing uterine cancer in Southern Morocco. It will be the first of its kind in the region.

In four years, the Foundation’s health program has benefited 43,933 people, organized 17 medical caravans, and carried out a total of +5,000 surgeries free of charge.