OCP’s Noteworthy Contribution to Africa Down Under  August 2018

OCP’s participation in Africa Down Under, the largest conference on the African mining industry outside of Africa, was an opportunity to showcase OCP’s role as an innovative and responsible leader in the regions where it operates.
OCP participated in Africa Down Under (ADU) 2018, a conference held in Perth, Australia, from August 29 to 31, which is considered to be Oceania’s top event on the African mining industry. 
OCP’s first visit to ADU was an opportunity to strengthen its image, and that of its subsidiary Phosboucraa, as an innovative and responsible African leader in the mining industry, in particular by presenting the Phosboucraa Foundation’s social achievements in the Kingdom’s Southern regions.
The number of visitors to OCP’s booth during the conference demonstrated the level of interest of in OCP’s development model, which prioritizes local growth and leads to a virtuous cycle between development of the industry and local communities, as Meriem El Asraoui, Legal Director of Commercial & International Affairs, pointed out. 
 While presenting the Phosboucraa Foundation’s achievements at an ADU panel, Hajbouha Zoubeir, President of the Foundation, highlighted the importance and centrality of the human element within OCP’s strategy. She stressed that the Foundation designs its programs using a collaborative approach to meet the needs of local communities. 
Through its various development projects, the Phosboucraa Foundation was able to demonstrate how these investments have positively affected local communities. The conference participants learned not only of Phosboucraa S. A.’s industrial development program, which aims to further develop the production capacities of the mining complex with a budget of 20.2 billion dirhams, but also of the Foum El Oued Technology Cluster’s ambitious project that is supported by the Phosboucraa Foundation. With an investment of 200 million dollars, the Foundation confirms its commitment to local communities and the entirety of Africa. 
The Foum El Oued Technology Cluster aims to become a research hub for the continent with, among other things, a university and a research center dedicated to Sahara-related topics. This is concrete proof of OCP’s innovative and responsible leadership in Africa.