Launch of a new program to support innovative economic projects May 2021

The Learning Centers of the Phosboucraa Foundation are launching a call for applications to select the 1st class of their “innovative entrepreneurship program”.

Since their creation in 2014, the Learning Centers of the Phosboucraa Foundation have always positioned themselves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in the southern regions of Morocco through the design of programs dedicated to support and promote local project holders. Whether they are aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses or structures operating in the social economy, project holders benefit from a catalytic support, transforming ideas into projects and facilitating the creation and development of the project holders structures. In 2018, convinced that innovation will be the main engine of growth, the Phosboucraa Foundation teamed up with MIT D-Lab and adopted its methodology of Co-design applied to entrepreneurship. The implementation of this approach, which makes MIT D-Lab world famous, within the Learning Centers of the Phosboucraa Foundation paved the way for the launch of a program dedicated to innovative entrepreneurship by initiating local youth to new entrepreneurial values and practices, by training facilitators capable of boosting creativity among entrepreneurs and finally by preparing the ecosystem to better cope with change.

Today, the Phosboucraa Foundation is confirming its approach to putting innovation at the heart of the entrepreneurial approach by launching in the southern regions of Morocco the 1st edition of a support program dedicated to innovative economic projects. The aim of the program is to bring out a new generation of entrepreneurs capable of creating wealth through non traditional project ideas in promising sectors. The program begins with a phase of pre-selection of ideas based on the profile of the entrepreneur, the innovative nature of his project and his experience. Pre-selected candidates then engage in ideation workshops to step out of their comfort zone, unleash their creativity, and explore the potential of their project ideas. Supervised by certified MIT D-Lab Creative Capacity Building (CCB) facilitators, aspiring entrepreneurs are supported to promote and structure their ideas with a view to presenting them in the form of a pitch to a jury of experts and representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Successful candidates then start a 6-month course of personalized training and support.

During the 6 months of the support program for innovative project leaders, candidates will not only be supported for the realization of the structure of their project, the construction of the business plan and the design of the investment file, but above all they will benefit from 3 new strategic services, namely: creative capacity development workshops (CCB MIT-Dlab), a behavioral skills acquisition program (soft skills), and training in the trades and techniques necessary for carry out their project. A unique combination that was designed by the Phosboucraa Foundation to provide future entrepreneurs in the southern regions with key assets that allow them to differentiate themselves, and to better defend their projects in a market that has become very competitive and hazardous, particularly following the crisis-health of Covid-19.

With this new support program for innovative project leaders, the Phosboucraa Foundation reiterates its commitment to its communities by always relying on innovation and creativity to go further in service.