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May 2021

Launch of a new program to support innovative economic projects

The Learning Centers of the Phosboucraa Foundation are launching a call for applications to select the 1st class of their “innovative entrepreneurship program”.

April 2021

The Vocational Trainings of our Learning Centers are now open to youth from Guelmim-Oued Noun region

The Phosboucraa Foundation Learning Centers started on Wednesday April 7th 2021 the 7th edition of the Vocational Trainings program, in E-learning mode, with the participation for the first time of youth from Guelmim Oued-Noun region, alongside youth from Laayoune and Dakhla.

April 2020

The Phosboucraa Foundation challenges COVID-19 Lockdown by launching a Webinar on HQE ™ Aménagement

Even during lockdown, the Phosboucraa Foundation continues to maintain its services on behalf of its beneficiaries and partners. Hence, from 15th to 30 th of April, the Foundation is organizing several sessions of a Web Conference around HQE TM Aménagement process to highlight as usual the necessity of the human and environmental dimension in any territorial development approach.

March 2020

Phosboucraa Foundation launches «L’Formation MenDarek» to ensure continuity of serving its beneficiaries even during Lockdown

The Phosboucraa Foundation launched "L’Formation Mendarek", a distance learning platform that allows its Learning Centers beneficiaries to continue their trainings despite lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

February 2020

Dessine-moi une ville ! A community consulting project

In Laayoune, the Phosboucraa Foundation is launching the second phase of the “Dessine-moi une ville” (draw me a city) initiative, a citizen consultation project to design a city that meets the needs of all its users, with the aim of putting people at the heart of urban development.

October 2019

End of the 1st International Urban Forum on City of Challenges

Laayoune, October 21, 2019 – The Phosboucraa Foundation organized the 1st International Urban Forum on City of Challenges from October 17 to 19, 2019, on the theme of Eco-Technological Innovation. Held at the Palais des Congrès in Laayoune, this first forum brought together more than 200 national and international participants.


May 2019

Laayoune 1st International Biosaline Agriculture Closing remarks

Closing remarks of first Laayoune International Biosaline Agricuture are in the document below :

Closing Remarks.pdf

March 2019

The Phosboucraa Foundation out in Force at the Fifth Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla

The Phosboucraa Foundation put on the fifth Crans Montana Forum held in Dakhla from March 14 to 17 with the goal of galvanizing the Forum by opening it to the local business ecosystem through various initiatives.

February 2019

Sahraouiya Raid 2019: A Historic Win for the Southern Regions

The fifth Sahraouiya Raid ended on February 8 in Dakhla with a historic win. For the first time since the event began, a Sahrawi pair won second place in the competition. They are Soukaina Hamam and Laila El Moutawakil, two young women representing the city of Laayoune.

January 2019

Dakhla Comes Alive with the Youth and Volunteering Event

On Monday, January 28, the Phosboucraa Foundation’s Dakhla Learning Center (DLC) organized the first Dakhla: Youth and Volunteering event, which wrapped up roughly thirty workshops on promoting civic engagement.

January 2019

Guelmim: 19 Young Beneficiaries Receive CEFE Certification Training

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the Phosboucraa Foundation held a certification ceremony on Thursday, January 24, for 19 young beneficiaries of the CEFE Entrepreneur Facilitators Training, most from the Guelmim-Oued Noun region and some from Laayoune and Dakhla.

January 2019

Southern Regions: the Phosboucraa Foundation Rallies to Empower Women

The five winning teams of the interregional final of the Sport Nature Solidaire Pour Toutes program.

January 2019

The Dakhla Learning Center Unveils its Cultural Salon

The Dakhla Learning Center (DLC) has been operating for over a year as the Phosboucraa Foundation’s second largest training platform and has positioned itself as a major contributor to the city of Dakhla’s sociocultural development.

December 2018

Phosboucraa Foundation: HSE Training Program Launched for the Southern Business Ecosystem

The Phosboucraa Foundation, in partnership with JESA, has just launched a training program on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) for all building and public works companies and contractors in the Southern regions.

December 2018

Laayoune: the Phosboucraa Foundation and MIT D-Lab Promote a New Entrepreneurial Approach

The Practical Impact Alliance Co-Design Summit, co-hosted in Laayoune by the Phosboucraa Foundation and MIT D-Lab from November 26 to December 1, was an opportunity to launch a new approach to entrepreneurship.

September 2018

Phosboucraa Foundation: Cancer Screening Campaign in Dakhla and Aousserd


After being held in Laayoune and Boujdour in June 2018, the breast and uterine cancer screening campaign launched by the Phosboucraa Foundation will move on to the provinces of Dakhla and Boujdour from September 24 to October 3.

September 2018

Phosboucraa Foundation Excellence Scholarships: the Seeds of the Future

“I would like to give back to the Foundation everything it has given me over the past few years.” The appreciation was visible in the eyes of the hundred or so Excellence Scholarship beneficiaries, as it was in Mohamed’s eyes, who were present on September 8 at the Palais des Congrès de Laâyoune.

August 2018

OCP’s Noteworthy Contribution to Africa Down Under 

OCP’s participation in Africa Down Under, the largest conference on the African mining industry outside of Africa, was an opportunity to showcase OCP’s role as an innovative and responsible leader in the regions where it operates.

July 2018

Dakhla Learning Center – Skills Acquisition Program

 School of Life at the Dakhla Learning Center 

June 2018

The Phosboucraa Foundation Resumes its Battle Against Cancer

The Phosboucraa Foundation continues its healthcare efforts in the Southern regions. The Foundation is now launching a breast and uterine cancer screening campaign. The operation has two main objectives. One is to prevent and cure the disease through 4,000 screening procedures in Laayoune and 2,500 in Boujdour.

June 2018

Medical Caravan of Ramadan 1439/2018

This year, the Phosboucraa Foundation joined forces with the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity’s Ramadan-month humanitarian operation, which aims to provide local medical support at several sites in the Guelmim-Oued Noun region.

June 2018

Foum El Oued Salinity Map

A Soil Salinity Map for Farmers in the Southern Regions

The soil salinity map is one of the flagship achievements of the Foum El Oued integrated agricultural project based in the Laayoune region. Presented in an interactive form at SIAM 2018, the map attracted the attention of many visitors intrigued by its usefulness.

April 2018

Phosboucraa Caravan

Agriculture. More than 480 participants, including camel breeders, farmers, authorities, and partners took part to the 6th stop of Phosboucraa Agricultural Caravan that was from 3rd to 5th of April at the city of Assa in the province of Assa-Zag, in the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun.

April 2018

Women Innovation Circles

The Phosboucraa Foundation Supports Women of the Southern Regions
As part of its strategy to establish drivers for sustainable development in the Southern regions, the Phosboucraa Foundation (PBF), through its Laayoune Learning Center training platform, has implemented a program reserved for women called the Women Innovation Circles.

March 2018

Crans Montana Forum

The Phosboucraa Foundation Shines at the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla 
The Phosboucraa Foundation was present at the Crans Montana Forum held from March 15 to 20 in Dakhla. This was an opportunity for the Foundation to share its activities with over a thousand people from about one hundred countries. 

February 2018

The PBF Women’s Sahraouiya

Twelve Women Participate in Sahraouiya Thanks to the PBF
Supported by the Phosboucraa Foundation (PBF), in partnership with the Lagon Dakhla Association, the Sport Nature Solidaire Pour Toutes program enabled twelve women from the three Southern regions to participate in the Sahraouiya Raid from February 3 to 10, 2018, in Dakhla.

December 2017

Saint-Exupéry Sahara

Saint-Exupéry and Hassaniya Culture Celebrated at the AWI
The link between Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Hassaniya culture was the subject of a round table organized by the Phosboucraa Foundation, the National Human Rights Council  (NHRC), and the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation at the Arab World Institute (AWI) in Paris on December 18.

November 2017

Outdoor Athletics Workshop

Athletics in Support of Women’s Empowerment in the Southern Regions

Athletics: a vehicle for women’s empowerment and upward mobility. This is the approach of the Sport Nature Solidaire Pour Toutes project, an initiative launched by the Lagon Dakhla Association, in partnership with the Phosboucraa Foundation. 

October 2017

Partnership with Microsoft

Digital. « Our Foundation is convinced that digital inclusion is an important development lever for socio economic integration and improvement of digital attractiveness in the Southern regions » declared Mrs Hajbouha Zoubeir from Phosboucraa Foundation during the signing, on Wednesday October 25th at Casablanca, of the convention of partnership with Microsoft Morocco.

October 2017

Humanitarian dental mission at Dakhla

Health. Few months after the big surgical mission held in Laayoune, benefiting 143 patients, with cleft lip and palatal issues, Phosboucraa Foundation in partnership with the NGO Operation Smile Morocco organized a humanitarian mission to provide dental care services to kids in the city of Dakhla.