Key figures of the Phosboucraa Foundation entrepreneurship programs

Since its creation in 2014, The Phosboucraa Foundation is thriving to boost entrepreneurship in the southern regions of Morocco.

entrepreneurship program



The Phosboucraa Foundation has to its credit more than 6,000 young people initiated into entrepreneurship and over 1,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs supported through various programs:

Entrepreneurship Program of The Phosboucraa Foundation Learning Centers:

  • More than 6,000 young people initiated into entrepreneurship.
  • 140 companies created.
  • 9 regional entrepreneurship competitions.

The Integration Program through Economic Activities in Partnership with the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity:

  • 39 facilitators trained to support project leaders.
  • 48 projects funded and in the process of post-funding support.
  • 83 in the process of financing.

The Cooperative Strengthening Program in the Laayoune Sakia El Hamra region:

  • 64 cooperatives being supported.

Granting of honor loans with the Moubadarat of Tarfaya, Dakhla, Es-Semara, Boujdour, Laayoune:

  • 291 projects financed and supported.
  • 112 projects selected for funding.

To be noted, other achievements are on the process. To be followed !