Humanitarian dental mission at Dakhla October 2017

Health. Few months after the big surgical mission held in Laayoune, benefiting 143 patients, with cleft lip and palatal issues, Phosboucraa Foundation in partnership with the NGO Operation Smile Morocco organized a humanitarian mission to provide dental care services to kids in the city of Dakhla. The mission, conducted from September 27th to October 1st 2017, registered 894 small patients from different primary schools in Dakhla. The success of the operation was made possible thanks to the generosity of an international medical staff from different nationalities : Egypt, Jordan, Spain and Venezuela.

During the four days of the mission, the forty volunteers involved in the operation conducted awareness and education sessions, consultation sessions to diagnose dental problems affecting children and providing care and medical procedures. In figures, the operation recorded 515 dental extractions, 679 acts of care and a total of 2,982 medical acts. Note that the mission took place in a good atmosphere. Thus, oral health kits accompanied by information brochures to better know the world of oral health were offered to all young patients. In addition, to motivate them to take better care of their oral health, small reward gifts have been offered to young patients.

A team of generous volunteers
None of this would have been possible without the generosity of a medical team of 40 volunteers, composed of dentists, nurses, biomedical engineers, paramedical staff and administrative managers. This incredible team has received support from other branches of the NGO internationally where Operation Smile representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Spain and Venezuela participated actively in the operation.

By forming a partnership with the NGO Operation Smile Morocco, Phosboucraa Foundation is pursuing its efforts to improve the health assessment in the Southern Regions. Since 2015, several health campaigns have been conducted. In 2015 in Dakhla, 125 patients underwent surgery to repair facial malformations and benefited from 131 surgical procedures. In Bouizakarne in the same year, 1,241 children received 4,110 dental cares. Oral Awareness Days were organized in 2016 in Guelmim and Sifi Ifni to benefit 1319 children. In February 2017, it was Laayoune's turn to receive a surgical mission to fix cleft lip and palate problems for 147 children and young adults with 169 surgical procedures performed.