Get involved

Phosboucraa Foundation serves all the inhabitants of the community of the Southern regions of Morocco. We welcome everyone who wants to leverage what we have to offer. 


Ways to partner

Phosboucraa Foundation offers 3 levels of partnership to companies:

  • Premium – A high-level partnership focused on financing several different activities and programs of the Foundation.
  • Programs – Finance an ongoing program dedicated to a particular theme, with multiple activities or projects contributing to success.
  • Projects – Finance a purposeful short-term project.

Phosboucraa Foundation works with and complements its partners' experience and expertise around the Southern regions of Morocco, adding additional value to their commitments.

Become a beneficiary:

The training programs and services provided by our Learning Centers are open to  all applicants . Our selection process is based on specific criteria defined by each category.

  • Youth
  • Local associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Entrepreneurs and income-generating businesses
  • Women who want to participate in the digital inclusion program

The Process

For women and youth:

  1. Register and submit applications
  2. Meet membership criteria
  3. Complete orientation
  4. Course assignments

For local associations and young entrepreneurs:

  1. Call for applicants
  2. Submit application and register
  3. Reviews files
  4. Selection
  5. Program assignment

Become a partner

We welcome all partners who are eager to participate in the development of the Southern regions of Morocco. Our approach is based on the effectiveness of the synergies that are generated through the commitment of the various organizations and people who work with us, allowing us to utilize the different knowledge areas necessary for the success of our skills-building programs. Joining with partners to evaluate and address difficulties and opportunities is the best way to succeed in our work.