The Dakhla Learning Center Unveils its Cultural Salon January 2019

The Dakhla Learning Center (DLC) has been operating for over a year as the Phosboucraa Foundation’s second largest training platform and has positioned itself as a major contributor to the city of Dakhla’s sociocultural development.
With 351 beneficiaries and 3 major programs, namely Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, and Art & Culture, the DLC helps the young people of Dakhla to succeed.
On Sunday, December 23, the Center unveiled the Dakhla Cultural Salon, a 100% cultural space. Built on the roof of the DLC, the space was designed as a friendly and collaborative meeting place that can accommodate up to 250 beneficiaries.

The Cultural Salon’s program will start in January 2019 and will include improvisation classes, singing and theatre performances, and more.