Dakhla Learning Center – Skills Acquisition Program July 2018

 School of Life at the Dakhla Learning Center 

“The first thing I learned here was to how to develop my personality, so that I can speak up, debate, and defend my opinions. I also learned to write a resume and cover letter, as well as how to behave in a job interview. I truly am not the same as when I arrived here on day one,” says Maslaha, a Dakhla Learning Center beneficiary. The atmosphere was festive on July 14. Participants and their supervisors celebrated the first two cohorts of the Skills Acquisition program, which included 177 young people. 
All were proud to hold up the various certificates they received during training: internationally recognized certificates for French language proficiency (TFI), English language proficiency (TOEIC), and computer skills (Microsoft Office Specialist). In front of an audience of administrators, the highest achievers received awards for their performance in the three Skills Acquisition competitions for best professional project, public speaking, and civic engagement. 

Over 3,000 hours of training
Recognized by its participants, the quality of the Dakhla Learning Center’s program was applauded by guests made up of those involved in the region’s development such as the directors of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Regional Investment Center  and of ANAPEC. All were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the center’s young members who not only hosted the ceremony, but also presented their professional projects. 
The 3,329 hours of training provided to the two cohorts explain the satisfaction and success of these two groups. “This training has had a very positive impact on me, both personally and professionally. The subjects we studied helped many of us find work or switch to a field we’re passionate about,” said Najoua, a Dakhla Learning Center beneficiary.

Increasing the chances of success for beneficiaries and equipping them to take charge of their future has been the Dakhla Learning Center’s mantra since it was launched two years ago. This is the second center created by the Phosboucraa Foundation, the first being in Laayoune. Its mission is to support young people, develop their skills, assist small businesses and individual high-added-value initiatives, as well as to promote talent and sociocultural activities in Dakhla. Since their creation, over 11,000 people have benefited from programs the Foundation’s learning centers offer.  
The Phosboucraa Foundation, through the establishment of these two learning centers and an integration program, affirms its role as a major socioeconomic contributor to the region as well as its desire to work toward the socioeconomic development of the Southern regions.  

Skills Acquisition Program
In the Skills Acquisition Program, the focus is on young people. They develop their skills, which makes their socio-economic integration successful. They learn about personal development, life skills, coaching, modern languages, communication techniques, public speaking, new technologies: all of which they use to develop their own professional project and take part in many civic initiatives promoting civic engagement and effective contributions to public life.