Best Of Sahraouiya Raid 2020 - Sport Nature Solidarity for all Women February 2020

3 of the 5 teams sponsored by the Phosboucraa Foundation have been classified in the Top 5 of the general rank in Sahraouiya Raid. 2nd place was won by Maryam EL Massoudi and Maryam Kharbouchi representing the city of Laayoune. Fatiha Elbah and Souad El Hini came in 4th position while 5th place in the ranking was occupied by Maryam Ibada and Sara Abidi from Laayoune. These results are a source of pride for women in the southern regions of Morocco, having once again proven that they are capable of meeting the greatest challenges, able to compete in this event against high-level participants from 12 different countries.