About us

Phosboucraa Foundation was established in 2014 as the primary driver of corporate social responsibility across the Southern regions of Morocco for Phosboucraa SA and its parent company, OCP.
Phosboucraa S.A is a key actor in the socioeconomic development of the region investing both in industry and in the well being of communities. The Foundation was created to drive sustainable development of local communities with tailored programs that are specially designed to meet the local needs through focusing on four primary areas:

  • Encouraging education
  • Improving the local economy
  • Enhancing and promoting the local natural and cultural heritage
  • Revitalizing the area through urban innovation programs

Phosboucraa Foundation unlocks the potential of Morocco’s Southern regions through impactful sustainable development and human capital initiatives. We begin by listening closely and evaluating the unique needs of the communities in which we operate. After setting ambitious yet attainable goals, we work in collaboration with dedicated partners capable of implementing each project with the highest degrees of success. Their local expertise and participation anchor the Foundation’s investments, ensuring our positive impact endures for generations to come.

Phosboucraa Foundation, Who we are