President’s note

Thank you for visiting our website and for joining in our mission to improve lives and foster sustainable development in the Southern regions of Morocco! This year marks the 5-year anniversary of Phosboucraa Foundation, and our commitment has never been stronger.

I believe that for Phosboucraa Foundation, everything is in the plural, because human development can only happen when we work together.We are a diverse and committed team serving our Saharawi communities. This commitment is an honor for us, because we are serving a community whose well-being is important to us all and one in which I myself have grown and learned.We carry our commitment together, and we are driven by the belief that Phosboucraa Foundation is a tremendous development lever for the Southern regions of Morocco.

The Foundation was created by OCP to share its societal commitment in the regions and to ensure that all the investments and initiatives supported by both the Foundation and Phosboucraa (OCP’s wholly owned subsidiary) are and remain an ongoing source of wealth and prosperity for the Southern regions of Morocco and their community. Our achievements continue to multiply ever since the Foundation’s creation four years ago as we have one constant objective: meeting the needs of Saharawi communities. Strengthening capacities, developing skills, improving living conditions and income, developing the attractiveness of neighborhoods… this is our roadmap. And the results show!

Ever since the beginning of our activities, our beneficiaries number in the thousands. Children, women, farmers, associations, cooperatives… every day, their growing number validates our work. But it's not just numbers that matter—words do, too. Our beneficiaries speak for us. This is the best reward we can have!