Impact Stories

See residents of Morocco's Southern regions and our partners share how Phosboucraa Foundation's programs have made a difference in their lives and in their communities.

January 2019

Abdellatif BAIRA, member of the Sahara Camel Farmers Association

Abdellatif Baira, member of the Sahara Camel Farmers Association explains the importance of raising healthy camels for the region. 

December 2018

Mohamed MAAROUF, Dental Surgeon in Boujdour City

Discover the story of Mohamed Maarouf who became a dentist thanks to the Phosboucraa Foundation’s « Scholarship Program for Excellence».

March 2018

Tchata Boukhimine, President of Zohour Cooperative

Discover the story of Tchata Boukhimine, who became the President of the Zohour Cooperative, despite her disability.

February 2017

Free Surgeries with Operation Smile Morocco

Through Operation Smile Morocco and Phosboucraa Foundation partnership, Katja Boyd-Osmond has provided life-changing help to those in need of cleft lip surgeries and general health checkups. As an operating room nurse, Boyd-Osmond works with a wide range of patients from the community and actively contributes to improving healthcare for the region.

January 2017

Leveraging Urban architects' competencies

Architect Mohamed Ayoubi was among the 27 urban planners that participated in a  Paris Sorbonne University certified training. Ayoubi highly appreciated that the training program emphasized innovation, smart building techniques  and renewable energies and how they can be implemented in region-specific architecture.


November 2016

Photography training program

Raaboub Talbi envisions capturing the story of her community by utilizing her photography skills developed at the Laayone Learning Center in partnership with Phosboucraa Foundation. A few of her favorite technical skills developed at the center include Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

October 2016

Moringa Project in Es-Smara

With newly developed skills and agricultural training, Boubkar Karici played a pivotal role in the Moringa Project, which expanded agriculture horizons for the region through planting 25,000 trees in Es-Smara through a Phosboucraa Foundation partnership. Karici believes that the success of this initiative has shaped his community’s view on how to better utilize their natural resources.